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The statutory city of Wiener Neustadt is the second-largest city in Lower Austria, with more than 41,000 inhabitants and lies about 50 km south of the capital city of Vienna in the southernmost part of the Vienna Basin.

Wiener Neustadt was founded in the year 1194 with the ransom for King Richard Löwenherz and served initially as a border fortification against Hungary in the sparsely populated Steinfeld.

During the Second World War Wiener Neustadt was almost completely destroyed. With the signing of the State Treaty in 1955, the reconstruction of the destroyed city was largely completed.

Today, the city is a school, shopping and garrison city and plays an important pioneering role, particularly in the area of business and education. This is Austria's first technical college, with 2,500 students, as well as other ambitious research projects (MedAustron). Wiener Neustadt is visited by tourists mainly due to several historically significant buildings (including the cathedral, main square complex, city walls). The city offers a cultural parcours where all the sights of the city center are located.