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Guntramsdorf is located on the western edge of the Vienna Basin at the spa line. Most of the settlement area lies in the plain.

Only the centuries-old vineyards are located on the slopes of Eichkogel and Anningers on the edge of the Vienna Woods. The townscape is characterized among other things by several ponds.

Some of them are developed by the community for the public as bathing ponds and recreational area, including the so-called ocean in the district Neu-Guntramsdorf and the so-called Windradlteich near the Altort.
Both ponds are located directly on the B17 (Wiener Neustädter Straße).

Most ponds in the municipality were created in 1900 after groundwater eruption in clay pits, which were used for brick extraction.

On the southern edge of the village is located directly on the municipal boundary to Traiskirchen (border to the cadastral municipality Möllersdorf) a privately owned pond, which is referred to as Ocean II.